Water Attracts Water

Since 2019: Theatre outreach activity involving Miklas Scholz as part of the cast of the play Water Attracts Water.

Two performers, a musician and a scientist come together on stage in a celebration of water for the 21st century, mixing dance, music, science, stories and an experiment on stage. They attempt to give as many answers as possible to the question ‘What really is the story of water?’, whilst Professor Miklas Scholz conducts an experiment onstage. The performance was funded by the Arts Council of England and supported by ARC Stockton Arts Centre, New Adelphi Theatre, the University of Salford and Lund University, Sweden.

Water is Attracted to Water is an attempt to re-mythologise our relationship with water –  to discover how playfulness and joy can be part of our lives as we struggle to confront difficult truths, and to re-engage with science as a meaningful story at the centre of who we are.

Due to COVID-19 theater performances were restricted in Europe in 2020. Therefore, the short film “One Day We Will Dance with You” was created as a replacement. The film has been financed by the EU Horizon 2020 project WATERAGRI.