Prizes & Awards

The Editor and Editorial Board of the Water and Environment Journal have commended the following paper in the Outstanding Paper Award: Dong Y., Kayranli B., Scholz M. and Harrington R. (2013), Nutrient Release from Integrated Constructed Wetlands Sediment Receiving Farmyard Runoff and Domestic Wastewater. Water and Environment Journal. 27 (4), 439-452.

In 2014, shortlisted nomination for the Research Excellence category of the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for 2013/14 at The University of Salford.

Shortlisted paper for the CIWEM Best Paper Prize 2009: Tang X., Huang S. L. and Scholz M. (2009), Comparison of Phosphorus Removal Between Vertical Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands with Different Substrates. Water and Environment Journal, 23 (3), 180-188.

First place prize for the poster presentation “Permeable Pavement Engineering for Sustainable Urban Runoff Reuse Integrated with Geothermal Heat Pumps” by Kiran TotaMaharaj, Piotr Grabowiecki, Miklas Scholz and Steve Coupe at the Innovation Poster Presentation at The Concrete Society’s Conference Concrete Innovations 2009 – Constructing the Future

Dr Scholz received a combined medal and a cash award for his invited lecture “Wetland Systems and Their Role in Flood and Diffuse Pollution Control” to the Haihe River Water Conservation Commission, The Ministry of Water Resources, China, 11 May 2009

The ‘Scottish Enterprise Supported Prize for Best Presentation’ was awarded for this paper: O`Brien C., Scholz M. and McConnachie G. (2003), Comparison of Secondary Treatment Technologies for Pre-treated Rendering Plant Wastewater. Egbu C. O. and Tong M. K. L. (Eds.). In Proceedings of the First Scottish Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built and Natural Environment (18-19/11/03, Glasgow, UK)

Between 2000 and 2002, runner-up at four CIWEM paper competitions (two regional and two national events)